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Geo-Technical Project at Imerys

Mr. RenĂ© Turgeon’s company was retained by our organization’s engineering consultant to complete geotechnical and hydrogeological field investigation at the Imerys Talc Penhorwood operation. The seven week drilling rig equipped with augers and splitspoon samplers for unconsolidated overburden and diamond core for drilling into bedrock and the installation of geo-environmental monitoring wells.

Mr. Turgeon and his crew exceeded our expectations in relation to safety, housekeeping and workmanship. In many instances, safety suggestions were proposed and adopted to eliminate risk at the job site and the drill crew embraced our safety culture and internal requirements. The drillers also actively participated in near hit reporting that occurred at the job site and also went above and beyond in respect to housekeeping. I was also very pleased with the ability of the company to react to changing conditions in a challenging drilling environment while maintaning safety as a priority.

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Mr. David Vodusek

I-Cube Champion and Environment Manager

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Tratry Environmental Drilling

Rene has been working for us at Tatry Drilling since the beginning of May. In that short period of time he has quickly demonstrated to me a high level ability lead and manage a drilling crew. Our clients have been extremely pleased with his work ethic and the dedication he brings to the job every day. This attitude has resulted in requests by our clients for his presence on future work as a requirement for us being awarded the work. Rene has been able to complete some very complex drilling projects in which previous employees have not been able to accomplish for us.

In one particular instance, Rene had to modify our equipment to meet a client’s safety standard. Rather than complain or try to find a way out of it, Rene did the work quickly and efficiently and both the client and I were very happy. As a result of this great work and a bonus for Tatry Drilling, the client took the time to recommend us to another division within his organization for a similar project for which we were awarded and completed.
I can confidently recommend Rene to work on any drilling project. Knowing his work ethic and is attention to details in regards to health and safety, your project will be in good hands. He is well suited to challenges that comes is way and works well under pressure.

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Mark J. Bednarz, P.Geo

Operations Manager Tatry Environmental Drilling

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Northern Ontario Colliers Project Leaders

I personally worked closely alongside Michael Gillis during the completion of the Constance Lake Water Treatment Plant. He was the Plant Operator and represented the community during this project. My role was the Professional Project Manager. Subsequent to the Constance Lake Water Plant project, I retained Michael directly to provide technical review of a new Water Treatment Plant design.
Michael is hard working, dedicated and very qualified in his role. He is a true problem solver and I would not hesitate to offer a strong recommendation for anyone considering having Michael join their team.
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at 807-472-5201 or [email protected]

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Gord Wickham

P.Eng, PQS Vice President, Northern Ontario Colliers Project Leaders